Vitaly Design Pendants, Rings, & Bracelets

More Vitaly jewelry has just arrived at the store. With great designs that work well on their own or when doubled up with multiple pieces. Tons of new pieces as well as returning classics like the Dubbel are available now. Other higlights include the Kunai, one of the many weapons in the arsenal of Japan’s ninjas. The Kunai had humble beginnings as an ancient farming tool. However, its deadly strength and shape made it an effective weapon in hand-to-hand combat, and the kunai was even used for climbing the sides of buildings to infiltrate enemy compounds. We like to think this pendant is just as versatile as the real thing.

The Corvus spent almost two years in production, and during this time it was referred to only as the “bird beak.” Finally in its finished form, the Corvus features a weighty, angular pendant with an eye-catching effect.

One of the thinnest bracelets Vitaly has produced, the Cirkel is designed to be worn in a stack. It pairs effortlessly with their beaded bracelets or leather Dubbels, but its ultra-clean clasping mechanism gives it enough subtle shine to be worn on its own.

Now available at LOOP while supplies last.