Naked And Famous Organic Vegan Selvedge

The Organic Vegan Selvedge is one of Naked and Famous' most sustainable jeans yet. The Organic Vegan Selvedge is a 12oz Japanese Selvedge Denim made from unbleached organic cotton, and dyed using natural indigo. Natural Indigo dye is derived from the Indigofera plant which is a sustainable dye that can be recycled. After the pigment has been extracted the plant residue can be composted and used as a fertilizer and the water reused to irrigate crops. In addition the leather patch used isn’t leather at all. Naked and Famous used a vegan friendly alternative made from heavy cardboard which looks and feels like leather. The fabric contains beautiful variations that only natural dyes and cotton can produce. The fabric is rigid and requires a short break in time. Oh and they are also gluten free!

Now available at LOOP while supplies last.