Introducing Taikan Backpacks, Totes and Duffle Bags

Taikan was conceived from the desire for inspired, purpose driven product with an emphasis on aspirational silhouettes at attainable market value. Bringing the sensibility of timeless design, they outfit the consumer rooted in classic styles with the aesthetic of tomorrow, giving them the ability to take on everything in their daily life. Work, travel, or play are all daily practices; how they identify with these passages either divides us or unites us as one. Accompany us as we define our “Everything” in Taikan and strive towards finding a common ground with all.

Taikan’s latest bag lineup consists of numerous different models. The SHERPA is a multi-purpose tote built for the modern lifestyle, perfect for work, travel and play. LANCER is a streamlined backpack with a functional focus, in the form of compartments and hidden pockets, while the SPARTAN is a stripped down pack that puts a modern twist on the classic silhouette. The SHERPA, LANCER and SPARTAN baggage models feature a bevy of construction options to match personal taste and styling.

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