Honns Phone Friendly Winter Gloves

HONNS gloves combine old world craftsmanship with new world technology. Each pair is meticulously made with one goal in mind: Upending the monotony of ill-fitting, monochromatic handwear.

Like the hat on your head, the shoes on your feet, or even the wallet in your pocket or purse, they should say something about their wearer. For too long the craft of handwear has been starved for taste—monochrome designs and age-old silhouettes that seem the same from store to store and brand to brand.

HONNS knows the glove can be much more. The brothers behind the brand represent the second generation of an over 30-year family trade. Having worked with some of the best names in the business, they now lean on that expertise to create an original collection that reimagines the glove as an essential fashion piece, not a cheap winter throwaway. Constructed using the finest leathers and textiles, HONNS gloves are designed with both work and play in mind.

Available now in store or online at Bricksandbonds.ca.

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