Dehen x LOOP Motorcycle Club Sweater

Founded by William Peter Dehen in 1920, Dehen Knitting Company produces classic and traditional U.S. heavyweight apparel. Keeping true to their humble yet pioneering beginnings in Portland, Oregon, a family business known for long-lasting quality, workmanship and rugged styling.

In the 1920's they began knitting varstiy and collegiate sweaters for student athletes. In the 30's Dehen started supplying local motorcycle clubs with riding sweaters. In the 50's they added the Varsity Jacket to their repertoire, making each jacket by hand to the specification of each individual lucky enough to letter in his or her sport.

Today, well into their tenth decade, Dehen continues a tradition of heavy duty, quality manufacturing while actually producing their goods in Portland. Value is built into every garment that Dehen makes.

Over the last 90 plus years there have been many changes, not the least of which was the pressure to move their manufacturing outside the United States. Even when times got tough, not once did they flinch in their approach and commitment. Denhen is proud of their company, their employees and their continued resilience over so many years in business. Denhen refuses to compromise on the methods and ideals honed over the past 96 years, while accepting the challenge to keep moving forward.

Dehen manufactured many of the original motorcycle club sweaters in the 30’s and 40’s, and is the only original manufacturer that has survived to make the same sweaters today. Like the original, Dehen sweaters are hand crafted from start to finish. With Vintage style turtle zip motorcycle sweater, Extra heavy four end jersey knit, Vintage style Talon zipper pull and 100% worsted wool. With 'Support Your Local' adorning the back as a nod to all the amazing support we have had over our the years.

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