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Google Designs New Self-Driving Vehicles

The quest to build autonomous self-driving vehicles has to-date been focused largely on retrofitting existing vehicles with the hardware and software needed to make them drive themselves. Now Google has revealed the prototypes of its...


How to Build an Audi R8 V10 Plus

For many, just seeing the finished product is enough. But, for serious gear heads and car junkies – especially for the Audi faithful – “enough” isn’t in their vocabulary; there’s always something more to see,...


Urbanears – Spring 2014

The concept of Urbanears is spawned out of a number of ideas. Some that formed the project but just as many that came along the way. Primarily, there seemed to be no manufacturer of headphones...


Honda Unveils Two “Japanimation” Style Motorcycles

At the 30th Osaka Motorcycle Show, Honda unveiled two new bikes inspired by “futuristic machines seen in the anime and manga television and film styles, known collectively as ‘Japanimation.’” The bikes include the matte black...


Blackphone – NSA – Proof Android Smartphone

With all the talk of privacy breach by NSA, one company decided to stand up against their foul behavior. Blackphone is a specially developed smartphone with the capability of protecting users from NSA or any...


Google Announces “Smart Contact Lens”

Google has just announced a “Smart Contact Lens” which allows diabetics to measure their glucose levels easily through their tears. With diabetes becoming an increasingly growing problem, affecting every one in 19 people in the...


Special Thanks to Blackberry

We just want to send out a very special thank you to Jeff Gadway and the team over at Blackberry for linking us up with this crazy Limited Edition – white + gold exclusive Q10....


Apple iPad Air Release

Taking cues from the tech giant’s thinnest laptop is the latest evolution of the insanely popular iPad: Apple‘s iPad Air. Unveiled today at its highly anticipated keynote, the iPad Air features a brand new aluminum...


A First Look at the Google Nexus 5

Although leaks have been surfacing for some time now of Google’s upcoming Nexus 5, last night’s leak on the Google Play Store provides the best image yet of what consumers can expect. Accompanying the 16GB...


Apple to Launch iPhone 5S & New Low-Cost iPhone This September?

Long-rumored, it appears as though Apple‘s forthcoming iPhone 5S and the Cupertino outfit’s low-cost, plastic version of the beloved smartphone could be turning up in just a few short weeks. Sources indicate that two new...


Google Chromecast puts the internet on your TV.

Google recently announced the release of the Google Chromecast, a pint sized streaming gadget priced at $35 USD and an absolute tech game ganger. Selling out at the Google Play store out within hours of...


Timex Originals – New Additions

Timex has helped to define how the world tells time since 1854. In honour of its rich history, the iconic brand developed the Timex Originals collection of watches. The Originals collection features vintage-influenced timepieces combining...


BMW – The Final M3 Coupe

Say it isn’t so, BMW, say it isn’t so. Unfortunately for Bimmer lovers the world ’round, you’re looking at the last M3 Couple to weave its way through the automaker’s assembly line. Looking rather proud...


Porsche 911 50th Anniversary Special Edition

The iconic Porsche 911 celebrates its 50th anniversary this year and for the special occasion, the German carmaker has produced a vintage looking 50th Anniversary edition. First introduced in 1963, the 911 stayed true to...


CRTC wireless rules signal the end of 3-year contracts

Like Hockey and Maple syrup insane phone contracts seem to be part of our Canadian identity. Well not for long. The CRTC (The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission) announced a new code of conduct for...




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