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Beats by Dre Headquarters by Bestor Architecture

It’s no small secret that Beats by Dre is one of the hottest companies on the market today, if not evidenced by myriads of wearers and World Cup spots then certainly by its recent purchase....


6 Freeway Removals That Changed Their Cities Forever

Have you ever thought what our cities would look like if we removed our highways and freeways? Gizmodo’s Alissa Walker Just wrote a wicked article on major cities of the world who have already done...


Joe Iurato’s Wooden Street Art Installations

American artist Joe Iurato presents his latest street art installations consisting of small wooden figures. The New Jersey-based creative carves and paints each one before throwing them up in appropriate urban environments. While some are...



Born in Toronto (1977). Ben Tour has shown in galleries across Canada and the U.S. and gained recognition through client based work and collaborations within fashion and sports brands. His observations deftly inform his paintings,...


Starbucks Reinvents the Coffee Cup With New Design

Starbucks has reinvented the traditional take away coffee cup with a new design specifically for its newly opened Teavana tea bar in New York City. Designed to evoke the feeling of drinking from porcelain china,...


Banksy Sells Original Artwork for $60 US in Central Park

As part of his ongoing “Better Out Than In” street exhibition in New York City, Banksy continues to surprise us. Today, the artist presents the stall that he had set up the day before in...


Land Rover Ending Defender Production After 67 Years

> Land Rover has announced that the Defender line will end production in 2015, no less than 67 years since it began. Though originally rumored to stretch its lifespan another two years until 2017, the...


Banksy Piece To Become Part Of Toronto Condo Development.

A work by street artist Banksy is about to appear somewhere the artist didn’t intend: on the wall of a condo development in Toronto. In 2010 the artist, whose identity is unknown, visited Toronto and...


Classic Statues Photographed as Everyday Hipsters.

After spending a day at the Louvre in Paris, photographer Leo Caillard had the genius idea to dress classic statues in what he calls “hipster” clothing. These nude statues represent an ideal iconic figure, a...


Ben Thomas Tilt-Shift/Digital Collage Photography

Melbourne-based photographer Ben Thomas may be best known for his amazing tilt-shift photography of cities around the world. Taking it one step further, he now presents his latest work. “Accession” blends tilt-shift photography with digital...


Shwood – SP13

A simple experiment with nature. Born from the limb of a Madrone tree, a rusty pair of cabinet hinges, and lenses from the corner store, Shwood has been a curious endeavor from the beginning. An...


NYC Aerial Photographs

Photography has the amazing ability to stop time and reveal unexpected details that the eye might otherwise never see. Navid Baraty is a Brooklyn based photographer capturing exactly these unique details in his pictures, documenting...


Vitaly Design – Spring 2013

LOOP is thrilled to bring another new brand to the shop, Vitaly Design. This incredible fusion of golds and silvers with wood are amazing. Vitaly Design was born in the small village of Ubud, located...


Mary Matthews Is a Photog You Should Know

Mary Ellen Matthews is a name you may not recognize, however chances are you have seen her work. Since 1999, she has been a photographer who takes photos that appear as bumpers for Saturday Night...




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