Akomplice designed by Nacho Beccera.

Loop is proud to present the latest limited collaboration between Akomplice x Nacho Beccera. The collection consists of two t-shirts and a hoody. The flag on the back represents brotherhood, love, culture, shared continent, unity, and appreciation. Portions of Texas, Colorado, Wyoming, California, Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada and Utah all formerly belonged to Mexico. Tacos are one of America’s favorite foods, and Mexico is the most popular vacation destination for Americans. Nearly all of the US avocado supply is from our southern neighbor. Mexico is the world’s third largest purchaser of USA products. Mexico has one of the warmest, tranquil, and most loving cultures in the world. Together, with Canada, we are North America.

Nacho Beccera is a US citizen that immigrated from Mexico when he was 16. He created the “Mi Bandera” artwork seen on this shirt. He chose to use the Sarape because he sees each of its colors representing all of the people that would like to be legal in this beautiful and abundant country (USA). In light of the ICE raids and the potential border wall, Akomplice knew they wanted to create a symbol to show their solidarity to the men and women with Mexican heritage for Mexico, and Nacho’s flag was the perfect symbol.

United we stand.

The collection is available now both in store and online.

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