Kid Cudi: Talks About His ‘Indicud’ Album


The title of Kid Cudi’s latest single, “Immortal,” is a fitting one. The guy simply won’t go down. Music television heavyweights like MTV and BET aren’t playing the videos from his forthcoming “Indicud” album. No biggie: each have been viewed more than 4 millions times on YouTube. Radio isn’t spinning “Immortal.” No worries: It’s been played more than half a million times through SoundCloud and it just came out four days ago. Even without traditional media pickup, Kid Cudi is still thriving.

To say the least, Cudi (né Scott Mescudi) is a nonconformist. The fact that his music–a hybrid of hip-hop, trippy indie rock, and woeful R&B–isn’t genre-identifiable is only part of reason he’s not as famous as some of his peers. Really, he’s got no interest in being popular. “I come to work, do my job, and get the fuck out,” he told Billboard on Monday (March 4) night during a call from his Los Angeles home.

During an expectedly candid chat, Cudi talked about the surprisingly positive vibe of “Indicud” (out April 23), some surprise guests that will appear on it, and how an Adam Sandler character made it on there.

Check out the entire interview here.


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