NAKED & FAMOUS “Glow In The Dark” Denim


It was only a matter of time, as brightly-colored hues and sophisticated embroideries begin to crawl back into the stark realm of crisp, selvedge-saturated raw denim, that someone created a pair of glow in the dark jeans. Well, Naked & Famous has done it – and the results are surprisingly cool.

By dipping a pair of their standard “Skinny Guy” selvedge denim in a glow in the dark resin coating, baking it into the fabric in order to enhance its light-absorbing capabilities, Naked & Famous has made nice-looking jeans that also happen to glow in the dark. With use, the denim will also release the ethereal glow in wear patterns that will cause the coating to fade in certain parts of the jean, create a unique piece of light-art.

Now Available @ LOOP.

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