Vans OTW Stovepipe (Black/Wool)


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From Vans OTW Advocate Lupe Fiasco comes the sleek deconstructed mid-top Stovepipe, which made its debut in 2012 spring and returns this Fall 2012 season. Featuring the same hidden gillie lacing system atop a slim vulcanized outsole and tread, the fresh fall collection utilizes a variety of leather uppers as well as canvas textiles.

Lupe Fiasco has been wearing Vans for years, so it made sense when the rapper was enlisted as a Vans OTW Advocate back in January. In this latest Advocate spotlight video for Off the Wall TV, Lupe discusses his dedication to his craft, and his efforts to always challenge himself while taking lessons from all different kinds of art. He also opens up about the importance of performing, describing his time on the stage as the “perfect moment,” where he feeds off the energy and spontaneity of the crowd. Check out the video below, and see Lupe rocking his favorite Vans OTW kicks.

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