Vans OTW Ludlow “Camo” / 5-panel Eldridge / Piecer T


Tagged along to Eric Elms during his recently outing to Iceland, the film crew of VANS’ Off The Wall TV shared glimpses of the island nation’s nature wonders, the printing process to Elms upcoming book on Todd Cole, and last but not least, the newest VANS OTW collaboration, the Ludlow “Rock Camo”.

Essentially Eric Elms’ signature edition, the VANS OTW Ludlow “Rock Camo” features an all-canvas upper imprinted with rock camouflage pattern. Off white outsole, along with leather accents such as heel tab and tongue tag complete the design. Along with Ludlow, comes the 5-panel Eldridge with the same military camo print, and vent hole details. On the front panel is Vans’ clean OTW Collection logo patch. Plus the Piecer’s T with a photo image that depicts the remaining chards of a trusty skate. This hero went down mid-grind.


    5-panel EldridgeLOOP Clothing WaterlooPiecer TVans OTW Ludlow "Camo"