Naked & Famous FALL 2012 Collection


Three great NEW FALL styles from Naked & Famous:

Double-Sided Camo – A soft and easy to wear camo twill printed on both sides with different color combos so that you can roll up the cuff and show off the alternate color.

Dirty Fade Selvedge – 14.5oz indigo rope-dyed selvedge denim. We take beige dyed warp yarns and then rope-dye them in indigo afterwards so that the core of the yarn is beige with layers of indigo around it. As you beat up these jeans they appear to get more beigey and dirty looking hence… “dirty fade”.

And last but not least…

Low Tension Weave (LIMITED to ONLY 300 Pairs) – a new denim created by setting the machine to an almost dangerously low tension setting in order to create more loom chatter and thus an irregular and beautiful texture. The denim weights in at 13.5 ounces per square yard. The yarn is very soft giving the denim a great feel and makes these jeans really easy to wear. The selvedge edge is purple.

Brandon got a great deal on this fabric a year ago in Okayama and was only able to get about 1000m of this special fabric. That makes about 400 pairs of jeans, which makes this a limited edition style. If they wanted to produce this denim again, the retail price will be over $200. That said, they will not remake this style. Once its gone, its gone for good.

Now Available @ LOOP.

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