Imaginary Foundation Summer 2012 Collection


One of the most highly anticipated brands @ LOOP is finally here, IMAGINARY FOUNDATION. The brand as expected is selling right out of the box. If you want some, come get it. These will not last long.

Background: The Imaginary Foundation is a think tank from Switzerland that does experimental research on new ways of thinking and the power of the imagination. They hold dear a belief in human potential and seek progress in all directions. The small clandestine team is headed up by the mysterious “”Director”” a 70 something uber intellectual who’s father founded the Dadaist movement. Avoiding direct publicity the team has sought streetwear as an unlikely vehicle for bringing their ideas beyond the academic realm and into popular culture. In his vision for the Imaginary Foundation, the Director knew that the human mind has more than one mode, that indeed it has an “”ecology”” of being. He knew that imagination, intuition, inspiration are basic to psyche. A philosophy of research began to form: imagination as fundamental to all learning; artistic making as a model of integrating vision, materials, structure, and imagery. “”What makes true vision is the poetry of life and the richness of nature”” The Foundation’s basis has been a strong sense of community, free inquiry, creativity, and the experimental spirit. Over the years the Foundation has generated a critical mass of creative people in many different fields, for whom it’s been a catalyst for experimentation and innovation. “The Imaginary Foundation is a crazy and magical place, and the electricity of it’s members seems to make for a wonderfully charged atmosphere, so that sometimes before sessions one becomes excited and a little anxious, as though a thunderstorm were sweeping in.

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