Exclusive Chat w/ LA Based rapper Mickey Avalon


Interview by Bashir Roman

Mickey Avalon is one of those rare artists that only comes around every so often. His Dont Give a F#ck, Do it Yourself attitude is what paved the way for many musicians hailing from the LA area. Having recently dropped a new project entitled “Loaded,” the former “My Dick” star is again, ready to showcase his undeniable talent for writing catchy music. We caught up with him and talked new album, new movie, and old friends.

So tell me about how you got started in music, did you always want to become a musician?

Mickey Avalon: It was a fluke. I got lucky. I never thought I would be a musician. We were just fucking around in the studio, and then Dirt Nasty passed out the CD’s of our songs & people liked them.

Andre Legacy is on the new record “Loaded” What was it like working with him again?

MA: We never stopped working. That song was actually recorded 5 years ago. The world is barely catching up with me. We had to re-do it for legal reasons. Andre is one of my oldest friends and we have always remained friends. We recorded another song recently called “Come to my party” that didn’t make it to this album, but will make it to the next one. Then, when we make a children’s album, 5 years from now, we are going to remix it and call it “Come to my Potty.”

What is a typical Studio Session like for you?

MA: A typical studio session for me is rare. I like to write songs in my head & when people want me to go in the studio sometimes I get a brain fart. Kinda like if you are jerking off for a while & can’t cum.

Is there anyone out there you would love to work with? Musician, Director, Designer?

MA: I would love to work with Dolly Parton, Lucinda Williams, Hank III & Bassnectar. Lucinda & Dolly are some of my all time favorites and I went to aBassnectar concert this year & had a musical epiphany. Hank III and I are friends & I would work with him anytime. I would love to do a remix with Bassnectar. I am going to be working with Will De Los Santos who wrote & produced the movie “Spun,” which is the best crystal meth movie of all time. His newest project is a movie called “Tranzloco” that will begin filming in August and you can see me, as well as, hear my music in that movie, so stay tuned. I like my own designs, but I would work with Galliano.

What did you grow up listening to? Has it influenced your sounds now?

MA: I grew up listening to the blues and rockabilly. The first time I ever heard “The Signifying Monkey,” by Johnny and Shuggie Otis, it turned me into a rapper before I knew I was a rapper. It has influenced my sounds now because it’s like gumbo, you throw it all in, mix it around, and it works.

What do you believe is the biggest variable between a hit record, and maybe one that doesn’t get the plays that it should?

MA: I don’t know because I have never had a hit record. All my big songs were the ones I thought people would think were stupid, but they all liked them.

At some point in life most of us are influenced by film, what are some of your favorite movies past and present?

MA: Some of my favorite movies are: Flash Gordon, State of Grace, Barfly, andHappiness. The best of them all, though, was the original Bad News Bears. I don’t see movies a lot because I am on the road so much, but I am looking forward to Tranzloco, which I will be in.

Lets talk about the record, it wasn’t your idea to have it pushed back so far. What were the issues you experienced?

MA: I was on a record label and it was taking too long to put it out. I had all the music ready to go, but it’s basically a bunch of political music bullshit, that’s not worth talking about, because it’s in the past. I had to shop around for new management and new label and chose Suburban Noize Records and Regime Management. They believed in me, and finally put the record out. They said that I, by far, had the most complicated, dysfunctional stuff to sort out… but they did it.

What’s your favorite song off “Loaded”?

MA: My favorite song on Loaded is “Mickey’s Girl” that I did with my good friend Elijah Blue, who is Greg Allman’s son. It’s a homage to Lou Reed’s song “Charlie’s Girl” and Lou Reed gave the OK on the song and I heard he never does that, so that means a lot to me!

Lastly, I wanted to know if there was ever gonna be a Dyslexic Speedreader’s reunion?

MA: 2/3 of us are willing to do it. Ask Dirt Nasty.

photo courtesy Kris Krug
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